AirBnB’s Experiences, its new category featuring excursions with locals, are setting the bar high in the hospitality industry—as proven by these tourists who have tried them. Check these experiences out, and it might give you an idea on how to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day!


Gone are the days when high-end hotels had the monopoly in the tourism industry. Today, countless homestays and guesthouses are popping up like mushrooms all over the world—from affordable hostels, to locals offering their homes to those in need of a temporary abode. Travelers are now given a myriad of options based on their preferences and budget, and the rise of online booking sites has helped bolster these options.

One of the online tourism marketplaces is AirBnB, which started as a simple venue for finding accommodation to now a global travel giant. It has proven its passion to give only the best adventures for its customers as they launched what has never been done before: a platform of travel services that offers adventures unique only to the place.

In November 2017, AirBnB has started offering these services known as Trips, under which is the category called Experiences. In Experiences, tourists can book several types of one- or two-day excursions with locals—from photography tour, to food trips, to art classes, and many more. Since its launch, many travelers from around the world have tried these activities and noted how these have helped them get a more immersive take on the destinations.

We have talked to some of these tourists, who shared with us their memorable Experiences courtesy of AirBnB. These specific activities are perfect whether for couples, or even solo travelers! Let these excursions inspire you to book with them now!



Dani’s selfie with the host and Martina, the other guest from Bratislava | Photo by Dani Salasalan

Destination: Berlin, Germany

Experience: Roam An Artsy Area With A Photographer

It was a two-and-a-half-hour photography tour in Kreuzberg, Berlin, which is one of the hipper boroughs in the city. The host, Katharine, lives in Kreuzberg, so she really knows the area. She took our photos as we explored different parts of the district, while also sharing information about the place. Only two guests are allowed to participate in this experience, making it private.

Dani enjoys roaming around Berlin’s picture-perfect spots | Photo by Dani Salasalan

Photo by Dani Salasalan

The whole experience was made memorable by Katharina’s warm personality. I guess that’s what makes AirBnB Experiences interesting, because the hosts tend to be more passionate does not treat it as merely a “job.”

What did you learn from this experience?

This experience showed me the less-touristy parts of the city that I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered through the usual guidebooks. During the tour, we saw amazing hidden parks, farmer’s markets, and cool cafés.

What value did the activity teach you?

It’s always interesting to hear about other people’s lives so we can be reminded of how big this world truly is and how small our perspective on matters, even about ourselves, tend to be.

Plans for next Experience

As of this writing, I am heading to Melbourne mid-November for another solo trip and I’ve already wish-listed the following AirBnB experiences:

Wine Tasting at Elite Wineries. This AirBnB experience is more premium (guests will visit boutique and elite wineries), personal (the host knows the winemakers), and private (maximum of six persons only per activity).

A ‘hands-on’ Street Art Experience. This experience lets guests explore the city’s street art and graffiti works. At the end of the tour, guests will get to paint their own street art to leave their own personal mark in the city.

Your Very Own Photoshoot In Melbourne. This is a one-on-one experience with a professional photographer in Melbourne.



Thea’s Florence Sunset and Tasting Pizza experience helped her meet new friends with the same interest as her in pizzas | Photo by Thea Ocana

Destination: Florence, Italy

Experience: Florence Sunset and Tasting Pizza

In this experience, the teachers explained the process of making the best Neapolitan-style pizzas in Florence, Italy. It was a great class because our teachers really knew their stuff, and I learned a lot about my favorite comfort food.

Photo by Thea Ocana

What did you learn from this experience?

New information I didn’t know before about the different types of Italian pizzas in Florence

What value did the activity teach you?

I learned to make new friends based on the common ground I share with them. In this one, I made friends who share same love for pizza and wine as me. We ended the evening finishing two bottles of Vino Novello while overlooking Ponte Vecchio bridge. Until now, we still are in touch and they plan to visit me here in the Philippines.

Plans for next Experience

No plans yet so far as peak season is on us. But the other AirBnB experiences I’ve read on seem pretty interesting!



Charisse and her art instructor, Nina | Photo by Charisse Vilchez


Nina is a Swedish Bondi-based artist who studied art in Italy | Photo by Charisse Vilchez

Destination: Sydney, Australia

Experience: Art Expression Bondi Beach

During this class, we spent two-and-a-half hours painting and immersing ourselves in a local painter’s world. Nina, a Swedish Bondi-based artist who studied art in Italy, shared several techniques that she uses in her art. She is a fascinating person inside and out. The art lessons felt so light and there was a continuous flow between us two which made the engagement quite strong.

What did you learn from this experience?

I learned that anyone can be an artist! Nina had these techniques at the start of the session where you won’t feel intimidated at all. There is no pressure that you have to be a professional to be part of this session.

What value did the activity teach you?

I learned to have the courage to get back up gain. One of my paintings had a mountain and the sea while the other one looked like it was a Phoenix. That made me realize the journey I went through earlier this year, where I had a lot of setbacks and challenges but now have the opportunity to rise again.

Photo by Charisse Vilchez

Plans for next Experience:

I still haven’t decided which my next destination will be but definitely it will have something to do with cooking! I saw that there are Sushi Making Classes in Japan or how to cook Vietnamese or Thai Food! Maybe I will try that. Asia holds a special place in my heart.



Andrew and his tour guide, Wat | Photo by Andrew Cañamo

Destination: Bangkok, Thailand

Experience: Jump in the Saddle and Go Snack and Bike

I booked this particular AirBnB Experience because I had little time to explore the area, and also because of the language barrier. It was a four-hour tour biking through communities and little alleys of Bang Rak, Bangkok Flower Market, the temples, the gardens, and the riversides. I was the only one who showed up that afternoon, but we still proceeded with the tour. It was just me and Wat, the tour guide. It even started to rain after our visit to the first temple on the list. Though not intentionally part of the tour, I think that’s a great part of my Bangkok experience. The rain didn’t make my day less exciting.

We also rode a boat across a river which was once a busy highway for Thai commerce. After the tour, Ray, the host of the Experience welcomed me back at the starting point and provided with some snacks. He was very helpful and very prompt, just like Wat.

Wat joins Andrew in biking around Bangkok | Photo by Andrew Cañamo

One of the old buildings you will visit in Bangkok if you book the Jump in the Saddle and Go Snack and Bite Experience | Photo by Andrew Cañamo

One of the temples in Bangkok Andrew visited with Wat | Photo by Andrew Cañamo

What did you learn from this experience?

I saw places in the city that I have not yet seen in other travel photos. I learned about an abandoned house where a sacred tree overwhelmed its structure. It is said that bad luck would come to whoever tries to cut the tree.  It’s amazing to see a glimpse of the Thai way of life in the middle of the city. The places were nothing really out of the ordinary, but it felt so amazing to learn about them.

Photo by Andrew Cañamo

What value did the activity teach you?

I learned that life doesn’t need to be fancy to be amazing. I think that’s a reflection of Buddhist and Hindu principles.

Plans for next Experience:

No plans yet but if I happened to be in a place where there’s an available AirBnB Experience, I might try it again.


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