The Best of Osaka

Check out how you can best explore the well-loved Kansai metropolitan area in three days!


written and photographed by Jamille Domingo special thanks to Uni-Orient Travel Inc. and Miyako Hotels and Resorts


There’s an old saying among the Japanese about how to travel in Japan: “Dress in Tokyo, see in Kyoto, and eat in Osaka.” Such saying is true, especially the last part. Osaka is a dynamic city with a rich cuisine to offer. Once known as the “Nation’s Kitchen,” this Kansai metropolitan area is considered a top choice for gourmand travelers, with its hearty street food, hawker centers, fine dining restaurants, and local eateries. But aside from its food offerings, Osaka is also a haven for adventurers, shoppers, and history buffs. Located here are world-class theme parks, stunning castles, and bustling shopping districts—all reflecting the metro’s competence in terms of tourism. Let this itinerary show how you can explore this cosmopolitan city in in just 72 hours:




Day 1

0 Hours

8 am

Arrive in Osaka, Japan

1 hour

9 am

Check in at Hotel Keihan Yodoyabashi. This brand new hotel just a stone’s throw away from Yodoyabashi and Kitahama stations is the best place to start your great Osaka tour, being located near some of the city’s famous attractions like Dōtonbori and Tennōji Zoo. The rooms are relaxing to stay at as well, due to its warm-toned furniture and comfortable beddings and pillows.

1 hour 30 minutes

9:30 am

Head to Universal Studios Japan (USJ), which is 30 minutes just less than 30 minutes away from the hotel.

2 hours

10 am

Arrive at USJ. This is one of the world’s most sought- after amusement parks, and a favorite among the Universal Studios theme parks. Make sure to pack enough patience, as you will be faced with a lot of long queues! If you want avoid lines, however, make sure to buy express pass tickets days in advance.

3 hours

11 am

You’re in! Be sure to make the Wizarding World of
Harry Potter your rst stop because since it is the park’s most famous attraction, its ride is the one with the longest line. The park’s 4D ride is de nitely enjoyable, as it lets you play Quidditch and ght the dementors with Harry and the gang!

6 hours

2 pm

Have late lunch in one of the park’s many food 7 hours stalls and restaurants

7 hours

3 pm

Continue your adventure in USJ and visit the other parks and rides

11 hours

7 pm


Day 2

25 hours 15 minutes

9:15 am

Arrive at Osaka Castle. This castle is one of Japan’s most famous landmarks. It was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who ruled the country in the late 16th century.

26 hours

10 am

Depart for Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

26 hours 30 minutes

10:30 am

Arrive at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. A member of the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums, it is considered the world’s largest aquarium.

28 hours

12 nn


29 hours

1 pm

Head to Tennōji Zoo and be amazed by a thousand animals of more than 200 different types

32 hours

4 pm

Explore Dōtonbori where you can enjoy a lively night filled with cheerful music, good-for-money shops, restaurants serving mouthwatering meals, and the picturesque Dōtonbori Canal. Make sure to stop by Shinsaibashi, where you can shop until you drop!

35 hours

7 pm

Dinner at Ajibiru Kashin Umeda, which fers authentic shabu-shabu and sukiyaki meals.

36 hours

8 pm

Dessert at Pablo! You should not miss the chance of getting a taste of this world-famous freshly baked cheese tart in its place of origin!

Day 3

50 hours

10 am

Check out of the hotel

51 hours

11 am

Arrive at Abeno Harukas, the tallest skyscraper in Japan,towering at 300 meters

51 hours 20 minutes

11:20 am

Check-in at Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel. The hotel, being 11:20 am located at Abeno Harukas, features not just five-star amenities, but majestic interiors, and views of the city as well.

53 hours

1 pm

Take in the view of the entire city at Harukas 300! Since Abeno Harukas is Japan’s highest building, it’s no surprise that it also offers the most majestic skyline views.

54 hours

2 pm

Start your shopping spree! Take advantage of the vast department store in Abeno Harukas and buy some nice and fancy things.

58 hours

6 pm

After dinner, return to the hotel

Day 4

72 hours

8 am

Check out, head to airport for home or next destination of choice

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is located at 1-1-43 Abeno-suji, Abeno-ku, Osaka, Japan. For bookings and reservations, visit <> or <>

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