Aurora’s beauty truly exceeds any traveler’s expectations. Know the top things to do in this lovely province up north!


1. Go on a historical and art tour in Baler

The Baler Church, the Doña Aurora House, Quezon Park, and Museo de Baler should be on your list when exploring the town.

Baler Church has a rich history to tell. It was the site of the Siege of Baler and was coined the “last Spanish Garrison” because it was the last place the Spaniards used as a military post.

Photographed by Mac Dillera

The Doña Aurora House was the home of Manuel Quezon’s wife, Aurora. It might have undergone restorations, but the very foundation of the house is still preserved to this day. Quezon Park is where the statue of Manuel Quezon stands, while Museo de Baler houses Aurora’s artifacts and memorabilia.

For art enthusiasts, stop by Vincent Gonzales Art Museum. It hasthe most impressive contemporary artworks of known Filipino self-taught Tereptepism artist Vincent Gonzales. Tareptepism is an art of fluid movement initiated by Vincent which uses waves as the art principle’s denominator.

Photographed by Mac Dillera

2. Hike to and swim at Ditumabo Mother Falls

This short hike rewards you with the breathtaking sight of the tallest waterfall in Aurora. Standing 50 meters high, Ditumabo Falls cascades down a 30-meter wide basin that provides a natural cold swimming pool. Whatever time you prefer to hike there, even if it’s on its hottest, the cool waters of Ditumabo will not disappoint.

Photographed by Mac Dillera

3. Surf at Sabang Beach

Probably the biggest tourist draw of Baler is Sabang Beach, a well-known spot for surfers, pros and beginners alike. This beach goes at the top of the recommended places for surfing not only because of its noisy waves, but also because of its accessibility to travelers.

Photographed by Mac Dillera

If you want to take your surfing experience a notch higher, book with Nalu Surf Camp. Their instructors are certified by the Academy of Surfing Instructors (a known international surfing accreditation company), so they offer only the highest quality of trainings. If you’re tired from all the surfing, you can enjoy boardgames like Pictionary at the resort.

Nalu Surf Camp is located in Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora. For more information, phone (+63 917 817 2606) or (+63 917) 804 9323, email <[email protected]>, or visit <nalusurfcamp.ph>

4. Play gold at Jokers Hideaway

This recreation destination offers a 16-hole mini golf course that can be enjoyed by beginners and even expert golfers. The park is great for families, even those with kids, because it offers so many facilities including a man-made waterfall, bungalow huts, and a pool. Jokers Hideaway is open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Photographed by Mac Dillera

Jokers Hideaway is located at Purok 7, Barangay 2, Maria Aurora, Aurora. For more information, phone (+63 919) 858 2974 or like them on Facebook at Jokers Hideaway

5. Experience organic farming at Azbahaen Leisure Farm and Resort

Azbahaen Leisure Farm and Resort shows visitors a unique and fun way of farming, with its relaxing facilities including huge cottages, expansive pools, farm houses, as well as rich flora and fauna. A visit to this leisure farm also gives you a chance to try their original products, the most famous of which is the Bignay Red Wine. Made from wine berry plants, this drink, according to the research conducted by University of the Philippines Los Baños, is rich in anti-oxidants and is said to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and cancer cells. It can also treat anorexia nervose (loss of appetite), as well as food poisoning.

Azbahaen Leisure Farm and Resort is located in Baler-Casiguran Road, Baler, Aurora. For more information, phone (+63 918) 471 6677 or (+63 928) 370 1909, or email <[email protected]>

6. Boat-ride your way to Aurora’s most scenic areas through Seasta Beach Resort

This half-hour boat ride organized by Seasta Beach Resort takes you to Aurora’s stunning islets, white sand beaches, and rock formations—whether at Dicasalarin Cove, Dicoscip, or Dinaiawan Beach. The ride itself is long, but the views are definitely breathtaking and rewarding. The turquoise colors of the ocean and the marvelous rock formations make the trip really worth it.

Seasta Beach Resort is located in Cemento, Baler, Aurora. For more information, phone (+63 905) 396 0094 or (+63 908) 609 1209, email <[email protected]>, or visit <seastabeachresort.com>

7. Feel the rush at Buoyancy Water Sports

Open daily from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, this facility offers exhilarating water rides. It’s great for friends and families, since their rides usually require at least four people. They have banana boats and flying fish, but their most popular is the UFO ride. It takes you and your buddies on a high, as a speed boat drags your UFO-shaped floater intensely fast and then turns 360 degrees around the water area, until some or all of you fall over!

Photographed by Mac Dillera

Buoyancy Water Sports is located in Baler Fish Port, Baler, Aurora. For more information, phone (+63 927) 453 1286, email <[email protected]>, or like them on Facebook at Buoyancy Water Sports Baler

8. Make chocolate at Mumunsi Chocolate Café

Learn how to make this all-time favorite comfort treat from scratch, as the baristas show you how to grind cacao, adjust them into different levels of sweetness, and solidify them into bars and bites. The café not only makes and sells chocolates, they also offer dishes and drinks that contain their signature cacao—including shake with chocolate leaves and chocolate carbonara.

Photographed by Mac Dillera

Mumunsi Café is located at Quezon Street, Baler, Aurora. For more information, like them on Facebook at Mumunsi Chocolate

9. Chill at Myrtle Park

This newly-opened, hip food and skateboard park is great for travelers looking for a fun night; it’s a hangout place where you can enjoy not just good food and drinks, but a great music scene. You can enjoy a glass of The Pineapple Express stall’s signature punches (infused with rum and lambanog or local gin) like Blue Dream, Red Diesel, or Yellow Trainwreck, or munch on the Wrap n’ Roll stall’s grubs as you sing and dance with your travel companions all night long.

Myrtle Park is located in Baler, Aurora. For more information, like them on Facebook at Myrtle Park Baler

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