We tested the new Samsung Galaxy Watch in Sydney, Australia, and we found out why it is the gadget tool you should wear on your next travel adventure



It’s quite stressful not to be able to follow your daily schedule as well as health progress. A jampacked itinerary can make us lose track of the essential things, which is why it’s always best to be armed with tools that can help us travel easier, and monitor our well-being better—this is where Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch comes in. Together with its innovative Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy Watch is an easy way to manage your adventure, as well as your health.

How so? The watch organizes your schedule for the day and gives weather updates— two big pluses in tour planning. It also gives travellers a chance to track their fitness and stress levels, wherever they are in the world. We experienced it first hand in the sunrise yoga activity Samsung lined-up for us at the Sydney Opera House. Having this watch is the best way to travel and exercise.

Here are more reasons why:

It has an almost all-week battery life!

From our sunrise yoga session, to strolls around Manly and Shelley Beach, down to photo ops at Harbour Bridge and Gunners Barracks, the Galaxy Watch proved to be sturdy in terms of battery life. This is because the watch has (depending on the model) a 270 mAh or 472 mAh, which makes it last a whopping four or six days! It’s as energized as you will be in your fitness journeys around the world!

It sports a comfortable design

Unlike other smartwatches with square shapes and bulky feel, the Galaxy Watch is round and available in either 42 or 46 millimeter design. This is perfect for fitness travellers who want something lightweight on the wrist for easier workouts and navigation using its rotating bezel.

The Galaxy Watch in 46mm Silver with blue strap.

It offers fitness-focused features

The watch is designed with heavy emphasis on fitness, so it’s not a surprise you will see countless features focusing on just that. After all, even when we travel, we should not forget to take care of our bodies and try to still be in shape.

First, it has 39 work out modes, one of which we were able to use during our sunrise yoga at the Sydney Opera House. It also has a heart-rate monitor that helps you detect not just exercise progress, but also stress levels. The feature does that by reading your heart rate per minute, which can then be stored in a weekly calendar to let you determine the time you are most stressed or nervous. And if you want to manage it, the app’s breathing exercises can help as well. The watch also tracks sleep (including REM and deep sleep). Lastly, all the data of your fitness progress go straight to your Samsung phone’s Health app—making it conveniently accessible.

The Galaxy Watch is able to track many activities including Yoga.

You can get smart daily and weather updates

It’s easy to travel when you’re able to keep your schedule in check, which is one of the features of the Galaxy Watch. It can also track weather developments to further help you plan your tours and outdoor workouts (like the Sunrise on the Steps yoga sessions) ahead.





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