Check out the various things to do at Station X, and eat through the world without going too far

The  country’s pride had seen some great changes during the last few months, and it is now better than ever. Aside from its cleaner shores, stunning sunsets, and amazing people, the go-tos have also become much better. An example? Station X.

Located between Stations 2 and 3, Station X is a vibrant space that offers amazing variety of restaurants and bars, stores, and entertainment spots. Plus, every corner of the space guarantees you’re going to get that perfect shot for the ‘gram! 

Streetmarket, for one, is a food park inside Station X that provides nine establishments focusing on different culinary masterpieces. You can go for delicious, juicy oysters from Aklan at seafood-centered Percy, go Western with Winner Winner (try their Homestyle Buttermilk Fried Chicken!),  Southeast Asian with Fat Rice, Italian with Diavolo or Little Wave, South Korean with Sugar Cloud (iced desserts made bingsu-style), Mexican with Santa Peligrosa and Japanese with Poketo

Other delicious choices at Station X include Asian favorites at Popo Teahouse (with a special pineapple bun created by pastry genius Miko Aspiras), healthy, sustainable but delectable alternatives at Nonie’s, all-American cravings at Big Fat Wolf and Supermagic Burgers and Ice Cream, and desserts from Tart Shop. If you crave for energy and life, say cheers to happy hour at Prisma, with craft cocktails concocted by the team behind Manila-based speakeasy ABV.

Aside from satisfying your tummy, you can also get pampered and pumped all day at Station X! Have your nails fixed at Nailandia, get a facial at Cellenique (using Korean beauty products), sing your heart out with friends at Rock Star KTV Bar, shop in Local Color, which is a curated selection of souvenirs- local artisan chocolates, art crafts and products designed by award-winning Pinoy talents like Cynthia Bauzon-Arre and Electrolychee. Or you can also opt to just relax at the comforts of Hue Hotel’s cozy suites and pool side cabanas.which is a curated selection of locally crafted and designed products and souvenirs, or just relax at the comforts of Hue Hotel’s cozy suites and pool side cabanas.

Whatever side of Boracay you’re in the mood for, there’s some kind of wonderful and happy waiting for you at Station X, so do stop by!

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